The iBuddy India Private Limited - a business for better ways, is specialized in providing Cloud Based Applications (namely School Management Systems, Staff Management Systems, School Connect, etc) to schools and educational institutions, facilitating the need of the schools to implement modern and advanced technology in the Educative System in India.

Along with this, iBuddy is also involved in Developing Softwares, Websites and Mobile Apps, SEO and SMO Services, supplying School and Office Stationery and Printings, dealing in Spice and Herbal Products, and many more products and services.

Since iBuddy is a Social Business, it is very willing to help and support the poor communities of India, to spread the message of love and create awareness about the needs of the Society. Free Education for Underprivileged Kids, Women Empowerment, Donating Clothes to the Poor and Needy, and Planting Trees are few of iBuddy Causes. We believe in growing and helping others grow, to make a difference in others life. With the help of your prayers and wishes we would be able to accomplish our dream!
Mobile App Development 99%
InDesign 100%
Web Development 95%
Software Development 98%

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