Someone has rightly remarked – “There is severe poverty in this world more due to lack of love than due to lack of money.” Human Beings have become so selfish that they don’t have time to think or act for others. Even if one comes across a dying person on the street, they walk away without even caring for that person.

The iBuddy, a business for better ways, is very willing to help and support the poor communities of India, to spread the message of love and create awareness about the needs of the Society. We believe in growing and help others grow, to make a difference in others life. With this motive and intention, we have decided to contribute 20% of our revenue for the welfare of the Society. The following are few Social Causes that we have been initiated with:

• Free Education for Underprivileged Children

• Women Empowerment

• Donating Clothes to the people of slum

• Donating Books to the underprivileged students

• Planting Trees

As we are concerned with education, we are creating an opportunity of ‘Free Education’ for the Unprivileged Children of our Society. We are also emphasizing on Women Empowerment where we are trying to help them achieve financial stability, and also to cope up with the problems they face being in the Society. We have started a ‘Cloth Bank’ to provide clothes to the people of the slum areas, and also a ‘Book Bank’ to provide free books to the underprivileged students so that the lack of books does not devoid them of education. And as the environment mostly demands, we have started planting trees in different part of our society so that we can experience much greeny environment in the near future. And in the near future, we hope to involve ourselves in various other causes, hoping to create a better world, a better future for everyone.

“I alone cannot change the world, but l can caste a stone across the waters to create many ripples” – Mother Teresa. Being a Calcuttan, we can never be like Mother Teresa but definitely we can try and extend her good work – the dream she left for us. Let us unite together, motivate and inspire others to do something good and bring changes in our Society, in whatever ways possible. And your prayers, support and cooperation will help us to move few more steps ahead in the near future!

Released • 2020-10-29 14:50

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